While scavenging through a box of mementos recently, I found a copy of my senior profile from my high school newspaper.  At the time, my dream date consisted of “playing farmer” with a three of my classmates.  When asked where I saw myself in ten years, my reply was “on a little farm with a yardful of kids.” Little did I know that these dreams were closer to my future reality than I would ever expect.

My dream of one day being a farm wife was quite romanticized.  I guess a person could say I lacked understanding of what life on the ranch truly entails.  My husband and I live on his parents’ ranch near Pollock, SD.  His father is a department head for a large university.  Therefore, they are unable to live on the ranch full-time, so John and I run things when his parents are absent.  My duties mostly consist of yard work and keeping the very large house maintained.  This can become quite the challenge, as I also work full-time away from the ranch.  I am a middle school reading teacher and volleyball coach, as well as a graduate student.

I look forward to sharing my adventures and challenges of this ranch life with you.  Each day I face something new, and I hope you can find the joy, humor, love, and adventure in my anecdotes that I have come to call “my life.”

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hi Jamie,

    Bored at work, so I looked up your blog and am starting from the beginning! 🙂 Weird, but I am also a middle school volleyball coach. I am a financial specialist by day, but coach 2 7th grade “A” teams in my spare time. I am excited to read about your ranch adventures!


    PS – I’m the girl in the plane that you met this weekend!

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