Giving Thanks

My parents and husband, John, could tell you that I have never been a very positive person.  I have always found it easier to see the negative in a situation.  Much to John’s dismay, I can be very moody, and he has a difficult time dealing with me when I am in a “funk.”  This outlook does not always make life easy for those around me.  However, I always tell John that it is not much fun for me either.  Moving to the country has not been the easiest adjustment for me, to put it lightly

I grew up in a town of less than 100 people, but we had the conveniences of Sioux Falls only twenty miles away.  Now, the closest supermarket is almost two hours away.  Despite my distance from Wal-Mart and Target, the worst part about the move was leaving behind friends and family.  In high school, it took me exactly eleven minutes to drive from my parents’ front door to my best friend’s house.  Now, the only place I could reach in eleven minutes is a corn or wheat field.

Although there are many things that I could complain about, I have many things for which I can give thanks.  Life on our ranch is peaceful and I enjoy the solitude.  While I write this, I am looking out our back door.  The windows are open and a light breeze is blowing through the house.  Our home overlooks Lake Oahe on the Missouri River.  The view is understatedly breath-taking.  I thank God for giving me these blessings, despite its challenges, and allowing me to be part of such an awesome way of life.

Things I am especially grateful for today:

  • Visiting with my mother-in-law
  • An upcoming school year
  • A vacation to Arizona in two weeks
  • Fresh garden vegetables
  • Graduate school which starts in two weeks
  • Reading fairy tales with my three year old niece

Have a blessed day, and remember to give thanks even when it seems difficult to see anything but the bad.

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