Ranch Rodeo

John had recently been asked to participate in a ranch rodeo near Haiti, SD.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), we will be in Phoenix, AZ, that weekend, and he will be unable to attend.  Although that opportunity had to be missed, he had the great chance of being part of a four man team at a ranch rodeo in Strasburg, ND, last Saturday night.  I hope he had as much fun as I did!

A ranch rodeo is a little different from a regular rodeo.  A rodeo normally includes events such as barrel racing, bronc riding, team roping, and bull riding. However, ranch rodeos are made up of a variety of tasks that are done on a daily basis on a ranch.  The events in which John’s team participated were steer mugging, branding, wild cow milking, loading a steer, and a trailer relay.  His team consisted of four ranchers, two of whom are exceptionally good ropers.  They performed well in all the events except the wild cow milking.  This particular event required the team to rope a long horn cow and milk her.  The horn spread on several of the cows was close to five feet!

In the end, John’s team received fifth place out of the twelve teams that participated.  John managed to cut his finger slightly when he smashed it during one of the trailer events.  Despite his injury, I hope he will consider being part of a ranch rodeo in the future.

From our ranch to yours, God bless!

One thought on “Ranch Rodeo

  1. Hey Jaimie!! I am following your blog now! 🙂 Can’t wait to read more. I have lived with the disease of negative perception my whole life…there is freedom -for you and for your family. As I seek the positive in all things…even if it is small I find that the cycle of negativity can be broken. I still slip and fail LOTS but there is hope to one day be free of that thinking!! Love you guys! 🙂

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