Spoiled Little Girl

Never for one second had I ever considered myself spoiled.  My sister and I did not have name brand clothing, extra spending money, or an allowance.  When it came time for prom, we did not get expensive (or new) gowns or have our hair and nails professionally done like our friends.  Because we could not afford (ourselves) to dress like the “pretty girls”, we decided to embrace our uniqueness and stray from main stream.  We tie-dyed our own clothing, shopped at any and all thrift stores in Sioux Falls, and used our craftiness to create very interesting ensembles.  The only new clothing I ever bought myself were band t-shirts from the local concerts I frequently attended.
However, several of my friends always said I was spoiled, and when I met my husband his viewpoints were not too different from those of my friends.  After moving to the ranch and leaving behind my parents, I soon realized just what my friends and husband meant.
My dad is one of those men who tinkers.  He works seven days a week whether at his auto body shop, around the yard, on the house, or on a variety or projects around his two rental.  I thought every man was like my dad.  If something went wrong, he fixed it.  He did not leave things for another day; he did them NOW.  I never had to do chores, or work around the house, besides making sure my room and bathroom were clean.  One time, I bought two picture frames that looked like antiques.  I wanted to put old barbed wire around the edges of each frame.  I simply asked dad to do this for me, and he found old barbed wire, cut it, shaped it, and attached it to my frames.  Let’s just say my husband is quite different from my father.
Now, I have learned to do what needs to be done on my own.  All house cleaning duties, basic (and some not so basic) home repairs, and the yard work fall on my shoulders, not to mention helping with cattle when I am needed.  I do not have my dad around to help me redo the landscaping or replace the flooring in the bathroom.  These are things I must learn to do on my own.  These are the duties of a ranch wife.

Things I have done (some of them with my mother-in-law) during my summer “vacation”:

  • Powerwash, sand, and stain our deck (about 30′ x 12′)
  • Planted 4 trees
  • Removed old carpet and padding from our bedroom and living room
  • Sanded and painted 3 bookshelves for my classroom
  • Picked rock out of our pastures (which I will use to border my flower gardens)
  • Installed 4 new light fixtures

From our ranch to yours, God bless, and do not be afraid to get your hands dirty!

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