That Gosh Darn Lightning

I swear if I hear one more word about lightning I might puke.  I am tired of explaining the story to people, I am tired of our house being in shambles, and I am tired of trying to figure out if anything else is going to go wrong.

On March 22, my in-law’s house was struck by lightning.  The weather that day was very absurd.  We heard thunder during a blizzard, saw hail with lightning, and had terrible freezing rain.  The desks in my second story classroom visibly shook due to the powerful thunder.  My 1/2 hour commute took me an hour because the roads were so nasty.

When I finally made it home, I hurried into the house because the snow was coming down so quickly.  I did not even take time to notice the missing siding and lights on the outside of the house.  It was obvious something was wrong when I entered the house, because my mother and father-in-law were wearing their winter coats and sitting in an unlit kitchen.  That is when I found out the house had been struck by lightning.

Now, five months later, we are still dealing with the consequences of the strike.  The heating and cooling system was ruined, so my in-laws decided to replace the old system with a geothermal system.  In two days, a crew of men dug trenches, drilled 200 feet into the ground in six different spots, put in new pipes and tubes, then refilled the trenches and disappeared!  By the looks of our lawn, you would think they were here for far longer.

Things that have gone wrong due to the lightning:

  • Carpet in basement needs to be replaced
  • Two walls had to be re-sheetrocked
  • Damage to the concrete floor in the basement
  • Control panel for the sprinkler system was replaced
  • Heating and cooling system needed to be replaced
  • All fluorescent lights had to be replaced
  • Various physical damage to the outside of the house
  • Microwave and stove malfunctions

This list could go on and on!  If you have not read Giants in the Earth by O.E. Rolvaag, you should!  I both empathize and sympathize with Beret Hansa, a Norwegian pioneer woman.

Now remember folks, The Displaced City Girl says “lightning is no joke!”


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