A Weekend in Arizona

Being married to a farmer/rancher has its perks (4-wheeler rides whenever I want, the capability to plow our own driveway in the winter, baby calves in the spring, and probably some other things…), but it also has one major disadvantage; my and my husband’s “down time” does not fall during the same time of the year.  John is less busy in the winter, and I do not work during the summer.  We manage to spend a lot of time together, but until this past weekend, we had never gone on a real (opposed to a fake?) vacation.  So, as soon as I found out school would be starting two weeks later than planned, I booked us tickets to Mesa, AZ.

People thought we were crazy going to Arizona over Labor Day weekend.  It was a nice, cool, fall weekend in South Dakota, but in Arizona it was close to 110 degrees the entire weekend.  Despite the heat, I had a blast…hopefully John did, too.  We spent the majority of the weekend in Scottsdale and at our hotel near Mesa.  I love venturing to new cities and experiencing the local atmosphere.  The following is a list of what I enjoyed about Arizona.

  1. The ease of driving!  Unlike Minneapolis, the freeways and traffic were fairly simple to navigate.  Thank you to my wonderful husband for doing all the driving, despite the ease.
  2. Lavash.  We had never tried this Armenian food before, and it blew our minds.  We enjoyed this wonderful meal at The Grapevine in Oldtown Scottsdale.  They are known for their Lavash and supposedly “the best margaritas in Arizona.”
  3. Contrary to The Grapevine’s claims, The Daily Dose in downtown Scottsdale makes the best margaritas I have ever consumed, and there have been several.
  4. The dancing at the Firehouse.  No, I did not dance.  No, the dancing was not professional.  However, the man who was dancing and singing along to the latest Rhianna song was pretty great.  If you have go to Scottsdale, you need to stop at the Firehouse.  It has a lofty feel with cozy leather couches and great artwork.
  5. I always love the conveniences of visiting the city.  I like being able to go to a movie (we went to Crazy, Stupid, Love.), walk to a gas station, visit cute boutiques, and stuff my face with fabulous food!

I hope it won’t be long before we can travel back to Arizona for another fabulous weekend!    Until then, it is back to the grindstone…or classroom.

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