Late Night Cattle Drop-Off

This life as a ranch wife has definitely provided me with many new experiences and enough stories to last a lifetime…or at least enough to continue blogging, hopefully!  However, last Thursday night was the craziest, yet, of my adventures.

First exciting thing: John and I bought 45 bred cows!
Second exciting thing: They were delivered from Kansas at about 1:00 in the morning.

Despite my crazy schedule with school, teaching, and coaching, I decided that this was something important (not to mention awesome) that I should not miss.  I made John promise to wake me up when he was ready to head outside to meet the trucks.  I donned my SDSU sweats (as usual) and a stocking cap, then headed to the corrals.

The night air was a bit chilly, but the stars were shining and no clouds were to be seen.  My favorite part was when the trucks came into view.  The trucks’ lights were bright and amazing against the pitch black sky.  Who would have ever thought I would be excited about a couple of truckloads of cattle?  Definitely not me!

The Displaced City Girl reminds you to get excited about the little things because one day they will be the big things!

From our ranch to yours, God bless you and have a wonderful October week!

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