Ted Danson is My Homeboy

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…”  This song,the theme song from Cheers, most likely holds some sentimental feelings for most of you.  Not only am I a pretty big Ted Danson fan, but am I also quite fond of the feeling of being in a familiar place with familiar people.  Weird huh?!

One of my sisters close friends has told my sister and me that we are big fish in little ponds.  He has always thought we should be living in big cities doing fabulous, non-country things. For most of my life I have been eccentric and maybe a little “out
there.”  But, I have also never had a problem spending time alone.  Living in a desolate location provides many opportunities for solitude.

Stereotypically, people assume large cities are full of cynics, grumblers, and just a large variety of pissed off people.  However, in the time I have spent in the city, I have not seen this. What I have seen is acceptance, intellect, variety, and more often than
not, a pretty good wine list.  Moving to a place where most people have lived their entire lives is not easy.  My mother recently visited me and started talking with a local lady.  The lady told my mom that outsiders are not welcomed in this town and that they never will be, regardless of how long they stay.  This doesn’t happen in cities where people move to and from all the time.  Most people are accepting and not uncomfortable with variety and newness.

This past weekend, I decided to treat myself with a celebration for surviving a hellacious year of coaching middle school volleyball.  I traveled to Rapid City, SD, for a weekend of overeating, indulging in wine, and pedicures.  My friend, Katie, and I met a girl who had recently moved to Rapid from Portland, Oregon. We could see the sadness in her eyes as she talked about missing home and the changes she has had to go through over the last month of living in a brand new place so far from home.  I understand her feelings, and I truly hope it does not take long for her to find her niche in the community.  I cannot see Rapid City as being a difficult place in which to fit.

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name…”  Whether this
place is the corner bar, library, or a hometown grocery story, I think it is a good thing to visit these places.  We all deserve to feel accepted, loved, and known.

Wishing you a week full of comfort, love, happiness, and acceptance, God bless!

4 thoughts on “Ted Danson is My Homeboy

  1. Amen to volleyball being done for the year. I too had a hellacious middle school volleyball season. . . . girls that don’t listen + bearcat parents = lots of wine! 🙂

    Kristin Brandt (airplane girl)

  2. I get super annoyed when I hear people say that “newbies” will not be accepted into a small town. I have never been more excited to have you “newbie” move here, because I have a new friend!

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