What I Would Do…

Last January, I received a letter telling me that I had been selected to be a juror for this year. I thought this was kind of cool, but being that we live out in No Man’s Land, I did not think I would have the chance to actually serve on a jury. Well, I was wrong. Today I had to report to the court house at 8:30 along with what I can only assume was 30% of the county. I thought to myself that I would be the perfect juror for this area. Unlike pretty much everyone else who was selected, I know very few people in the area, I have no relatives in the area, and I work in a different county. Well, I guess I lucked out. I was not chosen for the jury. This meant: DAY OFF!

Here is a list of things I would like to be doing today if I still lived near Sioux Falls:
1. Get a good cup of coffee. I like to make my own, but a cup of Oscar’s sounds really good today. http://oscarsgourmetcoffee.com/
2. Go to Billion’s and get my car looked at. It needs an alignment, and I would like them to check things over. I pretty much only trust Eric at Billion Toyota to do anything serious to my precious Impala.
3. Go to Barne’s and Noble. I want to purchase of copy of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyeard Book. http://www.neilgaiman.com/works/Books/
4. Visit my Gramps.
5. Take a walk downtown. It is such a lovely fall day, and I LOVE downtown. http://www.siouxfallswoman.net/

Because I am here at the ranch, I will do ranch wife things. A list of things I have done so far this morning:
1. Put turkey, potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot for supper
2. Baked chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese and Heath bar frosting
3. Scrubbed the bathroom
4. laundry

Things I will still complete:
1. Vacuum
2. Put our family room back together, it is a mess from rearranging furniture and my scrapbooking
3. Take Chester for a walk if he is a good boy
4. Finish What Women Fear by Angie Smith—Thank you, Kristin!
5. Serve John turkey and cupcakes for supper tonight!

The Displaced City Girl wishes you a wonderful day! Your week is halfway over; God bless you!

2 thoughts on “What I Would Do…

  1. Ok you must share the recipe for the cream cheese heath bar frosting. YUM I want some now!!:) Emjoy the rest of your day!!

    1. Hahaha, I should not have even called it a “recipe!” I used cream cheese frosting and a package of those already smashed Heath bars (I am addicted to them!). I just sprinkled the smashed (crushed, not intoxicated) Heath bars on top of the frosting.

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