Go Big, Go Blue, Go Jacks!

Last weekend, John and I ventured to our old stompin’ grounds of Brookings for Hobo Days.  It felt really good to be back in Jackrabbit country.  We were able to visit all of the major landmarks: Ray’s Corner, Main Street Pub, Taco Express, and Pizza Kings.  The theme of this year’s Hobo Days was “Night of the Living Hobos.”  The parade was filled with zombies, and The Pride performed Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during their halftime performance at the football game.  If you have never seen the SDSU marching band, The Pride of the Dakotas, you are really missing out on something amazing!

One of the best parts of the weekend was being able to hang out with my sister, Tracy.  We spent the majority of our childhood sharing the same bedroom and spending countless hours together.  Even when we did eventually get our own rooms (which were directly across the hallway from each other) we still spent many nights in the same room…mostly because I am a big baby.  Then, when we did eventually grow up and leave home, we decided to attend SDSU together…because that is what sisters do!  Tracy is undoubtedly the coolest person I know, and I really wish we could hang out more.

When I first left Brookings and moved to the ranch, I was extremely homesick.  I wanted nothing more than to move back to Brookings and enjoy the convenient, comfortable life of college classes, blue sweats, and friends right upstairs.  Although being back in Brookings over the weekend was great, my life is here now.  I will always love going back to SDSU, mostly because I can wear my SDSU sweats for two days straight without anyone thinking twice of it.  However, I love the feeling of coming home, too.

Where did you go to school?  Have you been back lately?  I would love to hear from you!

Have a blessed weekend!
The Displaced City Girl

One thought on “Go Big, Go Blue, Go Jacks!

  1. Hey there! I can’t remember if I’ve told you before, but I went to the University of Minnesota-Morris, and I have been back for Homecoming each year for the three years since I graduated. I am just a nerd when it comes to my college, and I will always be a Cougar.

    PS: I just went to Women of Faith last month, and I heard Angie Smith. She was great–it was neat to see that you have read her book!

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