brand new me

Heaven forbid a person mentions their pant size.  It seems like the people who do talk about this topic are the ones who regular folks like me roll their eyes at, because they are most likely a size 2 and ultimately pissing off the regular folks.  However, I think it is high time a double-digit gal talks about the woes and “oh yeahs!” of dress size and weight loss.

I never thought I was extremely heavy, but once in college my doctor told me I should lose thirty pounds.  It was an awful feeling.  Thirty pounds?!  That is the size of my three-year old niece!  I knew I needed to lose some weight, but I had no idea where to start.  I have always eaten fruits and vegetables, and I generally am an active person.  In high school and college I worked out on a regular basis, usually jogging, walking, or yoga.  In college, I had three roommates who were all exercise enthusiasts.  One of them was even going to school to teach PE!  Needless to say, we were always active doing something (intramural volleyball or softball, walking, or running at the HPER). But, the weight would not come off.

Consistently weighing in at 198 pounds was more than a little disheartening.  However, I was not gaining weight, and I fit into the size 14 clothes that I had worn for years.  Despite that, I needed to lose a little bit of weight, and my sister-in-law had just the ticket.  She had started juicing and it was working wonders, not only for her pant size, but she also felt great.  So, I bought a Juiceman juicer and got to business.  I used my own garden vegetables and made my own juice every day. That was August.  In two and a half months I had lost twenty pounds.  It is now December, and I have kept this weight off since.  Whew!

God’s country has plenty of corn fields and cattle, but there is no surplus of fitness facilities.  That is why last year when I found out about a yoga class in our area, I jumped at the opportunity!  This is my third session of yoga classes with Fitness Fusion, and I am really loving it.  For me, it is always easier to stay motivated when working out with a group of people rather than on my own.  Plus, I love yoga!

Anyway, here is some advice from The Displaced City Girl:

1.  Don’t stress out about your pant size
2.  Don’t think you cannot lose weight if you want to or need to, it is possible


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