Balancing Chakras

I experienced the coolest thing tonight!  Our yoga instructor randomly selected one yogi to participate in a balancing of chakras.  For those of you non-yogis, chakras are the energy zones of our body.  Well, I was the one selected to partcipate!

First, She had me lie on my mat in the middle of everyone else. She put essential oils on my feet and my crown.  While I took several breaths, she took her necklace off to be used as the pendant.  Next, she dangled the pendant over each of my chakras for several seconds.  Then, she recorded whether the pendant turned clockwise or counter clockwise.  This information was not revealed to me, but everyone else in class could see the pendant spin.  Next on her agenda was to try to balance each of my unbalanced chakras.  What I eventually found out is that all but one of mine was unbalanced!

What she did next was really cool!  She used more essential oils and one by one, put it on each of my unbalanced chakras.  It took two tries for each one, but the pendant spun clockwise after the application of the new essential oils.  It took three tries on my stomach, and in the end she asked me if I had a stomach ache or if I had digestive problems.  I was so shocked!  I have suffered from problems with my digestive tract since I was a little kid.

Anyway, I am now extremely excited to try more aromatherapy and essential oils at home.  If you are at all interested please check out this website:

Also, if you are interested in more yoga information look into Lady J Yoga on Facebook!

Namaste from The Displaced City Girl


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