Dairy Queen Dates and Television Nights

John and me on the frozen Missouri River last winter

I am still just as in love with John as I was in the beginning.  It is a little hard to believe we are coming up on our 2nd wedding anniversary.  To tell you folks the truth, we have not even been together for four years yet.  Seems crazy, huh?!  From the first night I met him, I knew that I would marry him one day.  Ok, knew might be an overstatement.  I should say from the first night I met him, I knew that I wanted to marry him.

Yesterday I had such a wonderful surprise!  Monday through Wednesday I stay after school so that I can go to yoga at 5:15.  Right after school yesterday I received a call from John.  He happened to be in town and wanted to know if I wanted to go out for some ice cream.  I love ice cream!  Like most upper Midwest towns, ours has a Dairy Queen.  So, I waited outside of the school alongside my middle school students and waited for my ride.  When John pulled up, I hopped in his big F-350, and we drove down to DQ.

John has always been really good about making little occasions like this special.  He is such a thoughtful guy.  I remember one of the first times I came up to the ranch.  I took off from Brookings pretty late in the afternoon.  By the time I got up to the ranch, I was starving!  John had made us supper.  He made a pasta meal and had cups of yogurt by each place.  It was wonderful.

In college, late in the night, I would whisper, “ice cream…ice cream.”  I did this mostly as a joke, but I really did want ice cream, and I really did want John to take me at 11:00PM to get some.  IT WORKED!  That was the glory of living in Brookings.  Grocery stores were open 24 hrs a day for college students who needed ice cream, beer, or frozen pizzas at all hours of the day.  I guess I should have known from right then and there that I had hooked John for good.

Our “dates” are rarely anything exciting.  We spend a lot of time curled up next to each other watching TV at night.  Normally I have a book in my hands while John watches Community or Parks and Rec.  These nights are really special to me.  Some day I really do want children.  However, I cherish the amount of time we have gotten to spend with each other over the last three and a half years.  Some people have children and then get married, or get married and have children right away.  Neither is better than the other, but I am just glad my life has turned out the way it has.

Whether you are dining at five-star restaurants or the local DQ, take time to appreciate the time spent with the people who matter.

God Bless,
The Displaced City Girl

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