Weekend at the Ranch

My four wheeler...I will not ride anything less than a 700; I need the power!My brosef, Carl, showing off his fence closing skillsSunglasses are meant for protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays, right?  I never thought that sunglasses would one day become my pride protector.  When I first started “helping” with cattle work, I was very nervous.  I did not know what I was doing or what was expected of me.  Working cattle is usually a very high stress, fast-paced job.  For people who did not grow up herding cattle, the job can be scary, nerve racking, and sometimes the culprit of a few tears.  Therefore, I learned quickly that big fashionable sunglasses were my necessity on the ranch.

My husband and father-in-law have two very different ways of working cattle.  When we would round up cattle, one would holler for me to “Hurry up! Get on ‘er!” while the other would holler, “Back off her!”  It was stressful and confusing.  Thank goodness for those oversized sunglasses.

Today, I no longer get worked up or worried about helping.  In some ways this is good.  I am more useful and capable around our cattle operation.  On the downside, I no longer put much effort into my appearance.  Sorry, John!  As you can tell from my picture, I look pretty ragged some days.

Two weekends ago, my brother-in-law came up to help haul cattle to the location where we winter them.  We really appreciated the help.  It ended up taking three pick-ups and three loads each to haul all of the cattle.  Without Carl’s help it would have taken all day.  Everything ran fairly well, and I did not even need to don the sunglasses.

From my pasture to yours, God Bless!  -The Displaced City Girl

Definitely not looking very lovely
The Displaced City Girl wears Uggs to work cattle
Carl and John rounding up cattle in the bottom of the pasture

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