Books? Yes, please!

The Displaced City Girl

Growing up in a town with a population of seventy-four may sound absurd to some people.  I was often asked what I did for fun. Despite Lyons’ small size, my sister and I always found something exciting to do to occupy our time.  My parents would not allow us to have cable television because they said it would rot our brains.  Instead of watching TV, we read books.

The library in the neighboring town was open until 8:00PM on Monday nights.  This allowed my mom to get home from work and still take us to the library.  My sister and I loved library nights.  We would each check out a pile of books and camp out in the basement living room until the following Monday.  When we made it through our own piles, we would trade books with each other.

These memories with my sister are irreplaceable.  I remember being cozied up on the couch and she on the loveseat (she was and still is smaller than me).  Each of us snuggled up with our blankies (despite being far too old to need a blankie) and a novel.  Now, when I visit my parents’ house, I am brought right back to these nights when I smell that slightly musty basement scent.

These moments, that were really much bigger than moments, shaped the rest of my life.  I treasure books and reading.  My love for reading and literature helped me decide to major in English.  Now, I have the best job: a reading teacher!  To this day I read for pleasure any chance I get.  I try to share my enthusiasm for reading with my students, but many days I fail.  It saddens me that people stereotype reading as boring or for geeks.  The smartest most interesting people I know are avid readers.  One of those people is my dad, and I have never seen him read a novel.  He generally sticks to Reader’s Digest or People magazine.  He may not know much about British literature, but he can tell you the latest scoop on the Kardashians or Charlie Sheen.  That’s valuable, right?  I think so.

I understand not everyone is interested in curling up on their couch with a cup of strong coffee and the latest NY Times bestseller, but I do hope those people have respect for literature.  It’s like me with math.  I hate math, but I understand its importance, and I am fascinated by people who do not struggle with it like I do.

Win a Free Book! Here is how:

  1.  Share your favorite reading memory or your favorite book with my followers and me.
  2. Refer one person to become a follower of my blog (make sure they send me a message so I know who sent them!)
  3. Then, on January 31st, I will randomly draw a winner to receive a copy of one of my favorite books!

Good Luck and Happy Reading,

The Displaced City Girl

6 thoughts on “Books? Yes, please!

  1. I don’t take the time to read books anymore (but I want to start again.) I do read a lot of magizines and newspapers so I guess that counts too! I haven’t read anyting all the way through since the Twilight series, but I have The Kite Runner and my friend is going to borrow me Water For Elephants.

  2. I love reading and have been a huge fan of it since I was 5, as you, my beloved Displaced City Girl, know. I like a variety of books from a simple “easy-read” novel to classic lit. Lately I have been a big fan of foodie lit– like Anthony Bourdain’s books and today I finished “Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant”– a collection of essays about food, and memories/emotions connected to dining. Oh, and I like rock star biographies, even though they are all the same, usually ending with the rock star having their addiction under control but realizing that probably won’t last long.

  3. I just became aware of your blog and I love it! I would love to share your link with some of my friends. As far as a favorite novel I can’t think of anything specific right now. I do like several of James Paterson’s books but I hate to admit I don’t read as much as I used to. Good Luck with the blog and everything else in your life!!

  4. I have about 50 bajillion favorite reading memories and favorite books. One of my favorite things was going to the bookmobile and checking out a HUGE stack or when mom would take us kids to the library…where I’d also check out a huge stack. I read multiple books a week and I loved that the librarians knew me by name. I remember crying over books, being scared alone in my bed at night because of what was happening in the book I was reading and laughing out loud (so many times) as I read.

    I’ve just recently finished Jane Eyre. I’m so embarrassed that I never read this classic before! It was really a fabulous book…so now I’m trying to read more classics! I was never much of a classic reader…even though I knew I should be. I’m on The Scarlet Letter right now. Also wonderful.

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