Making Plans

I have learned that life on a ranch is not always conducive with making plans. It seems like as soon as I make plans or get my hopes up for something, we have to change our plans because of unforeseen activities, usually something to do with cattle. I am becoming a lot more adaptive, but sometimes I still get disappointed. In the past, my disappointment has caused major emotional blow outs and fights with John and other family and friends. Whenever this happens, my sister asks, “Is this as bad as the Pizza Ranch incident?” One time I had my heart set on eating at Pizza Ranch. I was on vacation, and decided my travel partner and I would not stop to eat until we got to Mitchell, because we knew there was a PR there. When we rolled into Mitchell, I was pretty much starving. When we walked into PR, there was no buffet! We would have had to order a pizza and wait FOREVER for it to bake. I was irrationally angry. Just because I am a big baby, I did not eat anything, and continued to be a grumpy whiner the rest of the day. I think I am better these days, but my husband might tell you something different.

This weekend we were supposed to go to Bismarck on Friday night for a Blake Shelton concert and to visit John’s cousin and his family. Due to the passing of Blake’s father, the concert was postponed. I was bummed, because I had really looked forward to visiting the big city, seeing some friends, and possibly doing some shopping. Although our plans changed a little, we were still able to make the trip and spend the night. We went out to eat, shopped, spent time with good friends/family, lost Chester, found Chester, and drove home on icy, yucky roads.

We have plans for the next two weekends, and I will really try not to get my hopes up; but sometimes it is hard! My parents are supposed to be visiting from the Sioux Falls area next weekend. I am praying, hoping, and keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays nice for their travels. Then, the following weekend, we are going to Rapid City for the Black Hills Stock Show. I am so excited! I like going to the stock show for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I get to see my friend, Katie. We are going to get facials at AJ’s Wicked Salon! Her puppy, Norman, has a birthday at the beginning of February, so Chester will stay at their house for the weekend to celebrate. Fun will be had by all, I am sure.

I hope the plans you make for the week go as planned and without a hitch. Thanks for following my blog!
-The Displaced City Girl

5 thoughts on “Making Plans

  1. Glad to hear you had a nice weekend. Remember we live in South Dakota and our plans get changed quite often due to weather. Maybe we can see you at Stock show!!

  2. I understand — it can be hard, but the farm/ranch lifestyle has so many benefits, it makes the sacrifices a little easier. Our PLAN is to go to the Stock Show the 29th-31st. I hope your parents get to come see you because moms make it all better.

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