Maybe it’s because I was a “hand-me-down” type of kid.  Maybe it’s because I was a broke college student with only one pair of jeans, but I love shopping, especially for clothing.  People up here used to get really excited when I would tell them I am from the Sioux Falls area.  “Did you shop at The Mall?” they would ask.  I found this amusing because I had never contemplated the idea of The Empire Mall before.  Now, after living away from the city for almost three years, I completely understand!  The Empire Mall is fabulous!  The abundance of clothing stores, gift shops, and dining options compares to no other mall in the state.  I had obviously taken it for granted while I lived there.  But, isn’t taking things for granted what we humans excel at?

Due to the issue that I cannot travel to Sioux Falls as often as I would like, I shop online.  The other day the UPS man told John that he loved me because he delivers a package to me several times a month.  Should John be worried?  I do not think so (neither about me leaving him for the UPS man or about my habit).

Reasons I love shopping online:

  1.  I get to shop for the best deal from home!
  2. What could take an hour or more in an actual store, I can accomplish in minute on the computer.
  3. I get my shopping fix, and a few days later a present arrives!

My Faves:

  5. (this one I adore!)
  6. Nordstrom rack (

If you are ever in need of some shopping tips, please get in touch with me.  I love sharing advice and pointers with fellow retail addicts.  Do you have a favorite online store?  I definitely do not want to be kept out of the loop on a good deal!

Off like a Size 12 Skirt on the Clearance Rack,

The Displaced City Girl

2 thoughts on “Shopaholic

  1. – For dresses – pretty great sale selection – Vintage purses. Check out Coach, Dooney and Bourke, & Stone Mountain
    I haven’t gotten anything yet but I keep looking at They have wonderful bras for the small chested ladies. for books and movies for art supplies

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