A Brookings Friday Night

I hope this 5:30 AM coffee gets me through this day so I am ready for my road trip.

It is a little difficult to describe the feeling I had driving into Brookings via the Highway 14 bypass on Friday evening.  As soon as school was finished on Friday, I took off to spend the weekend with my sister.  The drive lasted less than four hours (and that was with a pit stop to see a friend in Ipswich); and even though it was a quick drive, I was completely elated to pull into the SDSU campus.  Some things had changed which saddened me a bit, but it was comforting to be back at my alma mater.  My sister Tracy lives a block away from campus, so I was fortunate to get a chance to see some of my old stomping ground.

Tracy had a random, yet delicious, dinner waiting for me when I arrived.  She made barbeque chicken, a pizza, and cheesy bread sticks (perfect college meal, right?).  Her roommate dined with us.  Then, Tracy and I headed downtown to meet up with her friend, Kylee.  It was fun to meet more of Tracy’s funny friends.  I had a great night, and I had not laughed quite that hard in a long time.  The only thing that could have made Friday night better is if my friend Alicia had been there.  But, she was not feeling well and had to take a pass.

I wish my weekends with Tracy were not so few and far between.  Even though we do not get to hang out as often as we would like, I am blessed to have a sister who is funny and so much fun to hang out with.  Hopefully you do not take your siblings for granted and get to spend time with them soon.

Happy President’s Day,

The Displaced City Girl

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