A Sioux Falls Saturday

The Displaced City Girl Goes Vintage

Tracy and I awoke Saturday morning, wrapped in our blankies that we are much too old to need.  We spent a little bit of time on Facebook finding people whom we had met the night before.  Then, we got ready to head to Sioux Falls in order to get to our 11:00 AM pedicure appointments.  After we were ready to head out, we decided we should stop at Country Peddler consignment shop downtown Brookings.  Our thrifting adventure produced cute blue flats, a herringbone trench coat, a bright red purse, and a purple shirt dress for Tracy.  It also caused us to be so late getting to Sioux Falls that we had to cancel our appointments to spoil our toes.

Instead, we decided to visit an antique shop that one of Tracy’s friends had recommended.  It is an adorable little shop called Lost Marbles that is located in the building that The French Door used to be located in on Minnesota Avenue.  We spent a lot of time trying on vintage clothing and making up hilarious stories about the people we found in old photographs.  The trip did produce one of the coolest treasures of the weekend.  Because I teach reading, I was instantly drawn to an old photograph of a girl reading a book.  When I brought it home, my dad started taking the old frame apart to put it in the new one I had bought.  When he pried the back of the frame apart, he found another photograph of the girl when she was a toddler!  So, I ended up getting two great, vintage photographs for the price of one.

Tracy and her cute dress that we decided was too expensive.



The rest of Saturday was filled with a scrumptious lunch at Nick’s Gyros with our mother.  Then, we went to Hobby Lobby and the mall.  After we were completely tired of shopping, we hopped back in the Impala and drove over to Brandon to spend the evening with my best friend Kamille and her family.  Kamille is hilarious, and she is married to Kent who is a total nut, and they have a fabulous little girl named Finley who is probably the sweetest, funniest baby I know.  We had a night full of laughs, singing, prank phone calls, gossip magazines, and Facebook.  It reminded me of college when I would take a mini vacation to Flandreau, SD.  Kamille and I would hole up in her apartment and have the best time together.

This girl doesn't get gyros in ranch country

My Saturday in Sioux Falls reminded me of all the things I miss about that city.  I love the freedom of having an abundance of activities to keep me occupied.  I miss being able to visit friends on a whim.  And I especially miss spending time with my sister.  She is absolutely hysterical and can make the most normal activity into an adventure full of tear jerking belly laughs.

Missing Sioux Falls, but glad to be home on the ranch,

The Displaced City Girl

One thought on “A Sioux Falls Saturday

  1. What a fun time for you and your sister! As much fun as it is to visit it always feels good to be home doesn’t it?

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