Sunny Saturday, Dreary Sunday

Tomorrow is March 26th; how can that be?  We had our cows hauled home yesterday.  It took six loads, but we got them back at the ranch.  It is nice to see cattle out in the pasture again.  Despite the plan to not start calving until April 1st, we already have over twenty calves!  I am pretty sure I will never get tired of seeing those cute little guys (and gals).  The weather was beautiful yesterday, although a little windy.  However, when is it NOT windy here?  Today has been cold and dreary.  It feels like a typical March day in South Dakota.  Except we have all been so spoiled this year, that we think it should be sunny, warm, spring weather.

Chester and I went on a nice little adventure this afternoon.  I have a great craft idea that includes deer antlers.  So, ChetBoy and I went on a hike through the hills looking for deer sheds.  We were unsuccessful, but we got our cardio in for the day.  He is such a cute, playful dog.  As long as he has a buddy with him, he could run all day.  I think he needs a little brother so he would always have a pal with him.

I hope you all had a blessed weekend and are ready for another week at the office, ranch, classroom, or wherever you punch in.

God Bless,
The Displaced City Girl


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