Mega Millions

Fantasizing about winning the lottery is something Americans start as young children.  I am no exception.  I remember writing journal entries for elementary reading class about finding buried treasure or winning a million dollars.  These were exciting and fascinating fantasies.  Fantasies.  The Mega Millions lottery drawing will be happening tonight around 11PM.  Who will win?  Will there be more than one winner?  What will they do with that money? 
I read this quote on NPR today: “’To me, the value of the lottery ticket isn’t the realistic opportunity to win,’ David Kramer, a lawyer in Lincoln, Neb., told The Associated Press. ‘It’s the fact that for three days, the daydreaming time about what I would do if I won is great entertainment and, frankly, a very nice release from a normal day.’”  How cool is that?  Who doesn’t like a good fantasy?  There is a multi-million(billion?) dollar industry dedicated to fantasy and make believe.  Think Sims, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, and Twilight.  We love to imagine the almost unimaginable. 
So, in the spirit of the Mega Million lottery, here is what I would do if I won gobs of money. 
1.       Pay off the rest of my student loans (it isn’t that much, but I am frugal).
2.       Buy a new vehicle (the Impala is getting a little old and weary)
3.       Buy a place of John’s and my own
4.       Purchase a vacation home in the always sunny Sioux Falls!
5.       Load up my sister and head on a MAJOR shopping extravaganza
6.        Take all of my girlsfriends on a day-long spa adventure at AJ’s Wicked
It is the end of my work day.  I think I agree with David Kramer, because fantasizing about winning The Big One was a lot more fun than finishing my correcting.  For me, this is only a fantasy because I am not even purchasing a ticket. 
What would you do with the money?
Dollar Signs for Pupils,
The Displaced City Girl

2 thoughts on “Mega Millions

  1. I agree – I like the dreaming of it too!! I told Isaac this morning I don’t want to win so much that crazy people will try and kidnap my kids for ransom…but just enough to pay off any debt and not have to “worry” about the day to day stuff! I would probably even keep working – but would take a nice long vacation with my entire family first!!

  2. Kristin,
    I agree! We definitely do not want to mingle with any crazy kidnappers. My students are going to read about the Brink’s robbery. So today for our lead-up we talked about people’s fascination with robbery, winning the lottery, and things like that. Some of the kids asked about randoms and things like that. It was a fun, interesting conversation.

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