Chester Visits the Beautician

I finally decided  that Chester needed a haircut today.  My work schedule is not conducive with taking him to the groomer as often as he needs.  The poor guy was looking mighty scruffy, and it has been warm outside.  So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Plan A.  John thought that his clippers would probably be sufficient, as I do not own a dog trimmer.  That plan failed.  Chester’s hair is so thick and fluffy, and John’s trimmer simply doesn’t have the strength for a job of that magnitude.  The clipper jammed up and over heated.

Plan B.  John informed me that we did have a cattle trimmer in the basement.  I was very excited because this trimmer looked strong enough to handle my job.  The only problem was that it has no attachments.  I decided that I would at least try it on a hidden part of Chester’s body (by “hidden part” I mean the outside of his leg that is completely obvious to everyone).  It pretty much shaved him down to the skin!  John was able to jam one of his attachments onto the cattle trimmer.  This did work for a little while.  However, my grooming skills leave much to be desired, and Chester was left looking a little splotchy.

Plan C.  This plan has not yet been attempted.  Our neighbors breed dogs, and they said that we can borrow one of their trimmers.  They might even actually assist me in the grooming process.  Maybe ChetBoy and I will venture down the road one of the evenings this week.

PETA would probably frown upon the management of Chester’s haircut process.  And, I am awfully glad the poor guy doesn’t have access to a mirror.  However, at least he is not matted up any longer; and I am no longer worried about him over heating.

Never be afraid to take matters into your own hands.

-The Displaced City Girl

One thought on “Chester Visits the Beautician

  1. This made me laugh out loud…. the thought of you and a clippers…. It reminded me of a few months ago when Matt decided he wanted to buzz off all his hair rather than going to pay to get it cut. He handed me the clippers and said “could you cut my hair?” I had never even turned on the clippers before but thought…it can’t be that hard. Well, by the end of the “haircut” we had to go get my mom to fix it. Sounded simple enough, but I have never been asked to do it again. He figured out how to do his own hair since then. Don’t think Oden will ever get to sport a buzz cut unless Matt is the one doing it.

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