New Moms

As a young woman who wants a baby some day, I have a special place in my heart for heifers.  This has been a pretty crazy year for John.  We bought about sixty heifers last fall, and some of them have had some problems when it comes time to deliver.  So, he has had to pull a couple.

What goes through these new moms’ heads?  They cannot ask anyone for advice.  They cannot ask anyone what is going on with their bodies.  Then, what happens after the baby arrives?  What if they don’t feel like mothering the new baby?  This does happen, and as the rancher, we need to find a new mother for the orphaned baby.  But, what happens to the heifer or cow?  If she isn’t going to be a good mother, then she gets sold.  Is this how it is in our world?  Is a woman’s worth still based on whether or not they can or want to bear children?

Tonight I helped John get a heifer into the barn.  She was such a trooper, didn’t fight us at all.  I hope she understood that we were trying to help.  John is still out there right now, and I hope everything is going well.  This time of year is stressful and tiring for ranchers, but isn’t it so for the cattle, as well?  Keep us in your prayers tonight, and I will say a prayer for all of you and the new happenings in your lives.

The Displaced City Girl



One thought on “New Moms

  1. When we have a heifer that wants to be helped I contribute it to nature just taking it’s course and that they know when they need assistance. However on the other side when you have one that just refuses to be a mother it makes you want to beat her. Oh wait, that’s what I think of women that have babies and abandon them as well! Guess it isn’t as different as I thought. Hope John has good luck with this one.

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