Glitz, Glam, How About Garbage Pickin’?

Sundays have become one of my favorite days of the week, closely followed by Mondays (that’s an explanation for another blog).  Sundays are my relaxing days to go to church, make a nice meal, and lounge around the house.  When I was younger, I envisioned my Sunday mornings quite a bit differently than they have actually turned out to be.  I thought my husband and I would lounge in crisp white sheets while reading the morning paper and watching Charles Osgood.  We would each have our own mug of steaming coffee and discuss the books we were each reading….

My daydreams were about as extreme as they could have possibly been.

Today, I woke up at about 8 AM to get ready for church.  I grabbed a travel mug of Maxwell House (not quite the gourmet I had dreamed of), hopped in my nine-year old Impala, and drove the twelve miles to church.  This time of year is really busy for John, so I end up flying solo to church every once in a while.  Today was one of those days.

The church service was really great.  Pastor Dennis focused on the core beliefs of sinning, forgiveness, and grace upon which the ELCA is founded.  After church, John’s aunt Marilyn coerced me into practicing with the choir.  Then, I ran to Mobridge to buy milk and tan before next weekend’s trip to Las Vegas.  When I finally got home, I started working out; but Arlene and I decided it was too nice to spend the afternoon in the house.  So, we grabbed a couple of plastic bags and spent an hour and a half cleaning ditches.  We filled three bags full of garbage and walked more than two miles.  Chester joined us for moral support, but he did not help with the trash collection.

My Sunday may not have been as glamorous as I had once hoped, but it was relaxing.  I enjoyed my time spent around our home and am thankful for the opportunities I have to truly take advantage of life.

Have a Blessed Week,
The Displaced City Girl

2 thoughts on “Glitz, Glam, How About Garbage Pickin’?

  1. What a Good Girl. You worshiped the Lord and followed it up by being a good servant. Whatever good dead you do will be appreciated, if not by words but by feelings that the neighbors have by driving through a clean area! I just worked at an auction sale all day and am exhausted!

  2. Love hearing about your days…wish I had been garbage pickin’ with you. I’m going to think about your post today and soak up some of your positive attitude.

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