Beginning of Summer “Break”

I was finished with teaching at about noon last Thursday.  After work, I went home and did the ranch wife thing and finished packing for my Minneapolis/Sioux Falls trip.  On Friday morning, Chester and I headed out for our mini vacation. 

Tracy and I are unable to spend much time together just doing our sister things.  The majority of our time together was spent laughing uncontrollably, and oddly enough, Tracy strutting around in an over-sized hamster costume.  I must say, this was one of the most fun weekends I had in a very long time.  Some of our family members were disappointed that we did not tell them we would be in Minneapolis.  But, we only had a day and a half to eat good food, visit Ikea, and spend some money at the MOA. 

Some of the exciting things that happened in Minneapolis are as follows:
1.  Accidentally got off I-35 somewhere around 5th Street/Avenue, and ended up lost and almost out of gas in south Minneapolis.  Scary. 
2.  Had a drink at Denny’s: who knew Denny’s had a bar?
3.  Ate sushi at Crave.
4.  I was horribly distracted by Tracy and a “smart” car, so I ran the poor Impala into a pole. 
5.  Got to Ikea early and had to wait in line (seriously) to get in.  Worth it. 

My parents both left for work, and I am lounging in their basement in my pajamas with a cup of coffee.  I feel like a college kid again.  Chester and I will be loading up shortly and heading back to the ranch.  Being away from John is never a great time, but I am always thankful for the new mindset I am in when I return after some time away.  My life (husband, school, job, family, puppy) is fabulous! 

Have a blessed Wednesday,
The Displaced City Girl

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