My Dad

Ol’ Leslie is a pretty dang cool guy.  He took the day off (yes folks, he really did) on Monday, so we could visit a few cemeteries for Memorial Day.  Spending time with my padre on a weekday is something I have done maybe a handful of times in my 25 years on this planet.  So, I thought I would share some of the things we did. 

1.  We visited my grandpa’s grave site near Fairview, SD.  My dad is a very creative guy, so instead of bringing flowers to put on the grave, he brought Gramps’ favorite cowboy hat and his briefcase.  It was neat. However, that is where the normalcy ended.  Tracy and I were made to take pictures next to any head stone that said “Iseminger” on it.  Dad was not getting out of this.  We made him take a picture with a stone as well.  We also planted some tomatoes by one stone. 

2.  After visiting the cemetery, we went into Beloit, IA, to visit “Uncle” Dale’s house.  Since my early childhood, Dad has referred to any strange man, neighbor, beer buddy, grocery clerk, etc. as our uncle.  It is weird, but now Tracy and I do it to almost everyone.  Uncle Dale lives in the tiny town of Beloit.  The majority of homes in this town have some sort of livestock in the backyards.  It is weird.  Sadly enough, Dale was not home, but Dad decided to snoop around the yard for treasures anyway. 

3.  We all went to Canton, SD, to see the gravesites of my great-grandma and great-grandpa.  We learned that they were buried in Canton instead of Fairview like the rest of the family, because my great-grandmother did not want to be buried to the rest of the family who did not go to church.  Although crotchety, she was a mighty pious woman. 

4.  Some of the other things that we did included drinking Diet Cokes and getting donuts, meeting family for lunch at Pizza Ranch, shopping at Target, and a visit to Falls Park in downtown Sioux Falls. 

I am blessed with a comical family that fills their lives with whit, laughter, and random activities! 

Hopefully you all dad a great Memorial Day!
-The Displaced City Girl

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