Poop Covered Chute Operator

Today is my second day at home after my Sioux Falls/Minneapolis trip.  It could not have been a more ranchy day.  John and I woke up at 6:15 this morning to travel to the River Bottom Ranch near Mobridge.  The interns (Erin and Victoria) from Mizzou stayed at our house again last night.  We all hit the road at about 7:00AM and made it to the ranch at about 8:00.  John and the interns pulled CIDRS while I operated the hydraulic chute.  I must say that I fell in love with the hydraulic chute.  Ours is manual and really sucks (I am kind of a weakling and have some difficulties with it).  We had four people working, and it went very quickly.  All of the cattle were worked within an hour.  Oddly enough, my job required the least amount of cattle contact, and I was the one covered in the most mud and poop.  My boots were so covered that I took them off outside of Wells Fargo and the diner where we had breakfast. 

I really like joining John on a real work day.  It is fun seeing him in action doing something at which he is really good.  I think I shall compare it to Khloe Kardashian watching Lamar play basketball.  John might not be an NBA player, but he is a professional cattle man; he rocks. 

We are heading out shortly to work some more cattle at a different ranch.  Although I do not contribute much to the work, I do enjoy simply being around the action. 

Hopefully you are all having a great Friday! 
-The Displaced City Girl

2 thoughts on “Poop Covered Chute Operator

  1. Atta Girl! It’s a good feeling to get dirty doing work you love isn’t it?? Hope you are having a great summer. Come see us sometime!

  2. Awesome—-I can see you both enjoying the outdoors, working with cattle and realizing the MUD and POOP go with it!
    Take Care,

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