The YogaFit Yogi

Yoga has become a big part of my life over the last few years.  I started practicing yoga sporadically in high school, became more active in my practice in college, and when I moved to the ranch it became part of my daily life.  My current instructor, Michelle, took her yoga training through YogaFit, a company started in 1994 by Beth Shaw.  If you are even slightly interested in trying yoga, look for books or DVDs by Beth.  She is amazing. 

 A year ago, Michelle and I had a discussion about me becoming certified to teach a class.  She suggested YogaFit because of her success with that program.  I signed up for a Level 1 training in Sioux City, IA, in April of 2011.  Due to a major blizzard (YAY for South Dakota!), I was unable to make the training.  Over the next year, the urge to take an instructor training became more intense.  That is how I ended up in Minneapolis this past weekend at a Mind Body Fitness conference. 

The Level 1 training in which I participated was a two-day twenty hour class.  Our instructor, Josh McGirk (Google him!  He is based out of Denver.) was not only knowledgeable, but spirited, entertaining, and encouraging.  Although the days became long, he pushed all twenty of us to keep working on being the best we could possibly be.  During the training, I went from never teaching a yoga class to teaching 1 person, then 2 people, then 5 people, then all 20 people!  It is truly amazing to even think that I could have done something like that in such a short time.  We worked on over 100 poses, and I can feel every once of those poses today! 

I look forward to brining yoga to more people in the area where I live.  My next step in becoming certified is to provide eight hours of free training to a population of people that would normally not have access to yoga.  This will be very rewarding and exciting, and I cannot wait to start. 

The Displaced City Girl


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