Hay is for Horses


As I drove the pick-up and trailer back up towards the corrals today, I noticed two horses in our pasture.  We do not own horses, so this struck me as a little odd.  However, I rarely know everything that goes on around this place, so I simply assumed that John had struck a deal with someone and volunteered to host a couple of horses for awhile.  For those of you who follow my blog, you know I am not much of a horse person.  The only things I can tell you about the horses is that one is brownish and one is white-ish, and they were both very friendly. 

When I got up to the corrals, I had already forgotten about the horses.  The interns and my father-in-law were heading down to the house for an afternoon snack, and they offered me a ride down.  I declined their offer in order to walk back to the house.  Well, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two pretty horses standing quite near.  I decided to forge past my fears and offer my friendship to the two horses.  What happened next was the most unexpected thing that has happened to me so far at the ranch.  After I was finished befriending the horses, they followed me back to the house!  I was laughing so hard, and I did not know what to do. 

It did not take me long to realize that this was not arranged by John.  The horses were not fenced in, and just walked up the hill and followed me like lost puppy dogs.  Thankfully, one of the interns saw this scene through the upstair’s window and sent John out to help me.  The horses followed us back up the hill and into the fenced-in pasture. 

Well, I guess a gal never knows what will happen at the ranch.  Although I helped throw calves today and haul cattle out to pasture, the horse sighting was the best part of the day. 

God Bless,
The Displaced City Girl

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