Wind, Cattle Work, and a Mom-To-Be

               Days off for me are rarely days “off.”  Last Monday, I did not have school because of Native American Day.  It was great to have an extra day away from school.  However, I was quickly put to work by John.  Due to the dry conditions this summer, most pastures are lacking enough grass to sufficiently feed the cattle.  So, we needed to get cattle off one of our pastures and bring them back to the ranch.  Despite the work, it was nice to spend a day with John; it had been awhile. 

                In the morning, we got our pick-ups and two trailers ready.  Then, we brought them into town so we could meet up with the man who would be helping us that day.  Even with three trailers, it still took us the majority of the day to bring the cattle home.  At one point, something went wrong on John’s trailer, so he had to borrow one from a neighbor.  It is nice living in a place where so many people are willing to loan out their equipment on very short notice. 

                The day was really windy.  I was thankful for my silk handkerchief (thank you, Tracy!), because I ended up using it as a face mask for part of the day.  I feel so bad for those poor baby calves who have to endure the dry, dusty weather.  While loading a trailer full of calves, I did have one minor mishap.  Things were not going quite as planned, and John asked me to make a “wall.”  So, I tried helping him block the calves from backing up away from the trailer.  This is usually not too big of a deal.  However, one calf turned around and knocked me onto the ground.  My leg was trampled, but the rest of me was OK.  But, I think this pregnant gal will stick to driving the truck from here on out. 

                It is amazing that we are in the full swing of fall.  Before we know it there will be snow on the ground and Christmas lights on houses.  I am so thankful for the opportunities I have in life, and I am glad I can share them with you. 


Have a blessed weekend,

The Displaced City Girl

Getting ready to head out
I love old windmills!
Whoops…I forgot my boots at the other house. Thank goodness for the Reeboks.


3 thoughts on “Wind, Cattle Work, and a Mom-To-Be

  1. Been there, done that! I am so proud of the Tough Chick you are becoming. Won’t be long until you have that little baby sitting right beside you while moving cattle! Make sure you take Him/Her along on every adventure with you and John. It will be the best lessons a child can ever learn to be included with work that you are doing.

  2. Love your country glad that you were not hurt and also happy for the two of you expecting. This is the first that I heard of it. Take Care

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