Beaches to Blizzards and Thankful for the Blizzards

Mommy-To-Be (6 months along) at the ocean!

Despite my apprehensions towards traveling to Los Angeles for my sister-in-law’s wedding last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised at how good of a time I had.  Traveling at six months pregnant is not the most fun, mostly for bathroom issues, but also because life just doesn’t seem quite as exciting and adventurous as it used to knowing I have a little human forming inside of me.  While John stayed up and enjoyed the nightlife, I was asleep by 9PM both nights we were there.  Go me!

Our alarms woke us at 3:30AM on Friday morning.  This provided us with a half hour to pack the car, make a pot of coffee, and let Chester out before we had to hit the road for the Bismarck airport.  Our plane departed from Bismarck at about 7AM.  Then, we flew into Minneapolis where we met up with Uncle Rick and Aunt Louise.  It was so nice to be on the same flight as them.  We ended up spending the majority of the weekend with the two of them.  We enjoyed many laughs (Oh yes we did Rickygene!) and a few great meals together.

I have traveled to a few big cities, but none of them compared to Los Angeles.  The city (more like combination of several cities) is gorgeous and surrounded by mountains and ocean!  I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of travel, as I did all of the driving (yes…The Displaced City Girl drove down the 405!).  Everyone was extremely friendly and accommodating.  The one thing that truly shocked me though was the combination of extreme wealth and extreme poverty.  Everywhere we looked there were BMWs and Range Rovers parked right next to homeless people sleeping on the streets.

On Saturday, we of course woke up on South Dakota time.  We decided to grab Rick and Lou and head to the Santa Monica Pier to enjoy our little bit of free time.  Despite the chilly-for-California weather, Lou and I walked through the sand barefooted and even stepped in the ocean.  It was fun to be at the exact beach that I see so often on television.  After wandering around the pier, we found a little cafe that, unlike most places, was open bright and early for some South Dakotans.  I ate a bagel, as that is about the only thing that I really enjoy eating anymore.

Saturday evening was Sarah and Ryan’s wedding.  The weather was chilly and rainy, but the ceremony was really nice.  Although it was not held in a church, I felt the Lutheran undertones in the short length of the service.  The rest of the evening was spent eating fancy hors d’oeuvres, drinking cocktails (club soda for this gal), eating a delicious meal, and LOTS of dancing.  I don’t dance unless I have had a few cocktails, so I just watched the dancing until the clock struck 8:30 and it was time for me to head to bed.

Most of Sunday was spent either sitting in LAX or traveling.  When we finally arrived in Bismarck at about 8:30PM, we found North Dakota covered in a nice blanket of snow.  I could not stop smiling because it was the first real snow I had seen all year.  While I waited for John’s suitcase, he went to uncover the Impala from the foot of snow that hid it from the world. Even as I ran to the car from the airport without a coat in leggings and ballet flats I was so excited to be back in the Midwest!

Los Angeles, you were fun, but if I never see you again, I will not be too disappointed.  I enjoy my own yard, knowing my neighbors, letting my dog run around on grass, and being surrounded by corn and wheat.

Thanks for reading!
The Displaced City Girl

View from our hotel room at Hotel Angeleno
At the beach!
Typical Carson and Aunt Jaimie photo



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