The 2012 Christmas Card

The John and Jaimie Odde Christmas Letter


            In lieu of sending out a Christmas letter this year, I am electronically delivering our card this year.  The money that would have been spent on cards, copies, and postage was donated to Feeding South Dakota and St. Dysmas prison ministries.  Have a Merry Christmas!

            God is great!  Sometimes we forget that what we want and when we want it isn’t exactly what the good Lord has in mind.  So, when we found out in June that our little “Walter” would be joining our family, we were ecstatic!  “Walter” (his current nickname) is expected to arrive around February 20th.  Keep us in your prayers; we live 40 miles away from the hospital, and the weather in February can become pretty nasty. 

            John spent a great deal of 2012 doing what ranchers do best: working.  Thanks to his hard work, our cattle have nice, new corral, and plenty to eat.  His seed business with REA Hybrids also keeps him busy and has been a great way to network with neighbors and friends.  He is also the president of the Pollock Men’s Club, which is a group that organizes many important events and fundraisers for the community. 

            The year was filled with teaching and graduate school for me.  I am still teaching 6-8th grade reading at Mobridge-Pollock Middle School.  My final paper for my master’s degree was submitted at the beginning of December.  Graduation on May 4th cannot come quickly enough.  In June, I attended a yoga retreat in Minneapolis to complete my training in order to become an instructor.  Although I can now teach, I have not had the opportunity as “Walter” doesn’t seem to be much of a yogi yet. 

            We bought a house in Pollock in August.  Although we miss living out on the ranch, we decided that having a baby meant we should be in our own place.  John and I have both adjusted to life in town, but Chester still has some learning to do.  If he is not watched, he will run away on adventures.  He loves it when Arlene is back at the ranch so he can spend the day (and some nights) at the ranch. 

            Although the year was filled with blessings and wonderful happenings, we also endured our share of hardships.  John and I both lost grandparents.  Grandma Tillie, Grandpa Leroy, and Grandma Orpha all passed away earlier this year.  There is not a day that goes by that we do not think about them.  I still want to pick up the phone and dial Grandma’s number to tell her about the exciting things going on in our lives.  But, I know each of them is in the best place without any of the “crud” we all deal with each day. 

            John and I wish you a blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2013.  Remember the promises of God, especially during this holiday season. Also, please remember those who are less fortunate during the holidays.  St. Dysmas, The Family Connection House, and Feeding South Dakota are three organizations that can always use our prayers and support. 

God Bless You Always,

John, Jaimie, Chester, and Baby “Walter”


3 thoughts on “The 2012 Christmas Card

  1. Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas as well and many blessings for 2013!! I miss you little girl! I hope I can be an “Extra” Grandma to little Walter or Wallerina, (ok I made up my own name for her), as I can! Keep in touch.

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