Preparing for Walter

                Preparing for the arrival of a baby without Target, Walgreens, or Wal-Mart nearby is kind of a challenge.  Thank goodness for our wonderful UPS guy, Jeff.  Our FedEx guy could really take some lessons from UPS Jeff.  On almost a daily basis, I receive a package for Baby “Walt” because I cannot easily run to the store and purchase breast pump parts, onesies, bottles, etc.  I remember someone telling me that babies need a lot of things, but I did not realize the abundance of gear we would truly need to gather before Walt gets here in a short 6 weeks. 

                Tonight I am working on painting the baby’s room.  I was not sure if I wanted to do it, but I found some leftover green paint from a bathroom job a few years ago and thought, “What the heck?”  So, at least one of Walt’s bedroom walls will be pale green.   Because there is not enough paint to do the entire room, I still need to decide what color to do the other walls.  My sister came up with a really great idea for wall decorations!  At my baby shower everyone chose a wooden letter from the alphabet to paint.  The letters are green, blue, brown, and tan.  We did not have enough time to finish the entire alphabet, so hopefully I can make my way back home before it gets too close to my due date to finish painting. 

                Baby Walt should be here around the 20th of February.  John and I are getting very excited to meet the little guy.  John continues to remind me that February is a month full of blizzards.  He promises to have the calving chains ready in case we have to deliver at home.  He thinks he is pretty funny. 


Wish us luck as we finish getting ready for our little guy!
-The Displaced City Girl

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Walter

  1. So excited for you! What a special time in your life! Remember to take as much time for just You and John these last few weeks that it will only be the 2 of you because you will not get that time back again for quite awhile!! Miss You!

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