The Wife of a Rancher

A wife of a rancher is different than being a ranch wife.  I happen to be the wife of a rancher.  My husband spends his days working with cattle.  The job is often stressful, and there is rarely a day off.  Because I teach and have been in graduate school for the last two years, I don’t spend a lot of time actually working on the ranch with John.  Sure, sometimes I open a gate or haul a load of cattle from Point A to Point B, but any Joe Schmoe could do that.  This is the difference between the wife of a rancher and a ranch wife. 

Ranch wives are an amazing bunch of women.  They are handy, strong (physically and mentally), and have common sense when it comes to the working of cattle.  My mother-in-law is one of these women.  This has been a difficult year for calving, and I feel pretty helpless because I am at home with Gunder ten miles away from the ranch.  My mother-in-law and husband have worked their tails off in the bad weather and mud in order to save baby calves.  A ranch wife would be out there working, too. 

God bless all of you ladies out there who get your hands and coveralls dirty! Calving season is difficult, and the weather has been pretty crazy in the Midwest this spring.  To you and your husbands I wish you the best, and keep your chins up.  Before we know it we will be complaining because of the heat instead of the cold and dry ground instead of mud. 

The Wife of a Rancher,

The Displaced City Girl

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