Baby’s First Branding

Dad and Gunder
Dad and Gunder

It’s branding time again!  My parents came up for a weekend visit over Mother’s Day.  Gunder was baptized that Sunday, so the whole family was around.  Well, because there was help around, you know what that means…cattle work!  My mom and dad were able to get in on the action of a branding.  Mom kept records, Dad and I wrangled some calves, as well as gave shots, and my father-in-law lit his pants on fire (and branded, too!)

Last weekend John drove down to Hayti to help out at the Frederick ranch.  His buddy, Tucker, has invited him to the branding several times, and finally John was able to make the trip.  He doesn’t get time to do fun things very often, so I was glad he was able to spend time with some friends.

Tucker and Gunder
Tucker and Gunder

On Wednesday, John’s uncle Bob had a whole crew of folks lined up to brand what seemed like a million calves.  Although the weather was cold and windy, Gunder and I bundled up and went out to see John.  Tucker drove up to help, too.  Despite the cold, it was really nice to see everyone.  This was Gunder’s first branding experience, and he handled it like a trooper!  It won’t be long and he will be throwing calves right along with the big guys.


From our ranch to yours, God bless your busy spring season!

The Displaced City Girl

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