Little Sister’s Wedding

Last weekend we traveled back to Sioux Falls for my sister’s wedding.  She married Grant who is a wonderful man.  The wedding was undoubtedly the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended.  My youngest cousin was so enamored with my sister that she asked her if she was a princess.  My sister answered, “Yes!”  Despite the loving atmosphere, the fellowship with long lost family, and hours of dancing, I could not help but get that pit in the bottom of my stomach.  It feels like Tracy is no longer my little sister, but Grant’s wife.

copyright Finished Vision Photography
copyright Finished Vision Photography

The weekend in Sioux Falls was great.  We stayed downtown at the Holiday Inn City Centre.  On Saturday morning the bridal party including my mom went to Grand Falls Casino and Spa to get our hair done before the wedding.  I cannot wait to visit that spa again.  The wedding ceremony took place at West Nidaros Lutheran Church in rural Crooks, SD.  After the ceremony, the bridal party hopped on a bus and spent the evening with the rest of the guests eating and dancing at the El Riad Shrine.  The place was decorated beautifully.

copyright Finished Vision Photography
copyright Finished Vision Photography

Although it was a happy occasion, I was still a little tearful watching my little sister walk down the aisle.  I am extremely happy that Tracy and Grant are together for many reasons.  But, I think the best reason is that now she only lives about two hours away!  I am excited for Gunder and the rest of our future children to have family close by.

Wishing you all the best,
The Displaced City Girl

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