One Great Summer

This is my 27th summer and it just might be the best one yet.  When I was younger, I thought the summer of ’98 was the best.  It was my first summer with some independence.  Our family lived in a tiny town with few kids.  So, my two closest friends at the time, Becky and Jenny, were a bit older.  That summer Jenny had a car.  Little to my parents’ knowledge, we went on all kinds of road trips.  Fastball’s “The Way” was the anthem of the summer, and I loved feeling like I was free, cool, and older. 

A short (as time passes so quickly) ten years later, I spent my first summer with John.  Young love is exciting and wonderful.  There is no other feeling like that in the world.  We spent the beginning of the summer writing letters back and forth.  That summer, gas prices were nearly $5/gallon, so neither of us was able to make the five hour road trip very often.  When we were together, we had the best time laughing and getting to know each other.  I experienced many firsts that summer including my first wheat harvest. 

Now, I am twenty –six years old and enjoying a different kind of summer.  The freedom of my adolescent years is long gone.  I definitely no longer feel very cool.  And, the excitement of young love has slowly disappeared.  However, this might be the best summer yet.  Despite waking up at the crack of dawn, I am excited when I grab that smiling little Gunder and sing our “Good Morning” song.  The first few hours of my day are spent in the recliner feeding the little guy or in the kitchen filling and re-filling my coffee cup.  The rest of our day is generally spent walking lap after lap around town, spending more time in the recliner, visiting Great Great (yup two greats!) Aunt Elsie, and sneaking in loads of laundry and dishes when the little guy goes down for a nap.  My attire of a t-shirt and athletic shorts is anything but glamorous, but it works. 

It’s funny how life changes our perspectives on things, such as what makes a fun summer.  But, every day I thank our dear Lord for blessing John and me with Gunder-goo.  He is the sweetest little guy around, and definitely the best summer companion a mom could ask for. 


Have a great evening,
The Displaced City Girl

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