Fall Greetings

Pasture leases are up, and the cattle need to be moved home.  John has been busy sorting and hauling cattle all week.  Thank goodness for good neighbors and friends who are willing and able to help.  It is a great deal of work for a lone rancher.

This school year is passing with great speed!  The teachers and students alike cannot believe that we are already in the second quarter.  Today was Hat Day at school in celebration of Halloween and most students forgot.  I think it is hard for them to fathom that it is already Halloween.  Tonight the community group will host the local Halloween carnival.  The kids really love it.  I am not certain how some moms do it, though.  Where do they find the time to decorate, bake, and organize an event like this?  Between teaching full time, taking care of the little guy, and taking care of our home, I have no spare time to get the extra, fun things done.  All of you overactive moms deserve a big pat on the back! 

Fall is my favorite time of year.  The low hanging sun, crinkly leaves, and changing temperatures excite me and make me glad to live in South Dakota where we are able to enjoy such a variety of seasons.  I wish Gunder and I were able to spend more time with John on the ranch and enjoy our time outside before winter arrives. 


I wish all of you ghouls and goblins a wonderfully safe and fun Halloween. 

The Displaced City Girl

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