Thankful for the Holidays

Many people can list what seems like a million negative things about the teaching profession, but I can name many positives, one of them being that I always get to spend the holidays with my family.  Some stores will be opening on Thanksgiving day for Black Thursday (?) shopping.  This is horrible. The employees at these retail establishments should be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with their loved ones.  While greed sends shoppers out on Thanksgiving evening to fill their shopping carts, I will be spending time with my family.  This is our last full week of school before the Thanksgiving holiday.  My mother and father-in-law will be arriving at the ranch in a week.  Then, I will teach for two days before enjoying five days with my husband’s parents and siblings. 

Before we know it Christmas will be here, too!  Most of my shopping is done.  We will be celebrating Christmas with my husband’s family over Thanksgiving because we will not all be together over Christmas this year.  Gunder is turning into quite the little mover.  He will love tearing into Christmas presents!  Hopefully the Christmas decorations will resurface over Thanksgiving break.  Christmas decorations always remind me of my friend Kamille.  She always has the most beautifully decorated tree.  Even when she was a single gal, she would decorate for the holidays.  I just love her. 

Hopefully you all are getting in the spirit of the holidays.  Soon we will hear Christmas tunes on the radio, and if they don’t start soon enough I have my Christmas station ready on Pandora! 

I wish you a relaxing Sunday night and a wonderful new week!

The Displaced City Girl

One thought on “Thankful for the Holidays

  1. OHH Jaimie you are the sweetest! I love decorating my christmas tree. I’m thinking next year I need a new theme/color scheme for it !

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