My New Friend Irma

As I have said before, living in a small town provides many opportunities that one might not normally encounter.  My most recent adventure involved a trip to Sioux Falls with my new friend, 89 year old Irma.  Because my family celebrated Christmas in Minneapolis the weekend before Christmas, we decided to throw a baby shower for my sister this past weekend.  That way Gunder and I would get to spend some more time with my parents over Christmas break.  A few days before I was planning to leave, I received a phone call from Irma, a lady who lives a few blocks away.  One of her sons lives in Sioux Falls and she was hoping to catch a ride if I was headed that way.  I happily agreed to take her with me to Sioux Falls.

The trip was wonderful.  I have known dear Irma for a few years, but I was glad to have the time in the car to really get to know her and learn about her life.  Plus, it was nice to have someone to converse with during the five hour drive.  I think Gunder liked having the company, too.  Over the journey, I learned that Irma and I actually have some things in common.  I also learned many interesting things about her life. 

Things Irma and I have in Common:

  1. We both have family ties to the Canton/Fairview, SD, area.
  2. Irma and I both are not big on technology.  
  3. We both agree that children today do not utilize their opportunities to be creative and think up their own fun like many children used to do.
  4. She and I both could not imagine living anywhere but South Dakota.
  5. We also both agree that not enough people in today’s world are willing to put in hard work to earn their keep. 

Interesting Facts about Irma’s Life:

  1. She has lived in “the Dakotas” her entire life.
  2. She was married to Arne, who changed his name to Arnie just because he wanted a change.
  3. Irma was an only child, a rarity for the 1920s.
  4. Her father did not know how to drive a car.
  5. Because she was an only child, her cousins were some of her closest friends.

I guess people never know what little incidents will occur in their lives.  My adventure to Minnehaha County with Irma was very pleasant, and I look forward to carpooling with her again when she needs a ride to see her family in Sioux Falls.  Who would have guessed I would have made a new friend sixty two years my senior? 


Wishing you all a Happy New Year!  May 2014 be filled with new friendships for you and opportunities to spend time with the friends who have always mattered. 

-The Displaced City Girl

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