Futures Outlook: Promising for the Odde Ranch

My friend Ann is a fellow teacher and a rancher.  No, she isn’t the wife of a rancher like me; she is a real, true, cattle-owning rancher.  Quite often we get into discussions about ranching and cattle and all of that good stuff. Recently she told me that her dad (a retired teacher and current rancher) read that the cattle industry could almost disappear in the next fifty years.  Of course this is all speculation, but it is still a scary thought.  What will ranchers do?  What kind of world will our children grow up in?

I guess the thought of the future doesn’t scare John and me enough to put a halt on expanding our future ranch hand supply.  In July we will be welcoming our next little guy or gal to our crazy lives.  We are so excited to have another little hooligan wreaking havoc on our home.  I have already had to clean manure stains out of Gunder’s pants (he got a little close to the action in the mudroom at the ranch), and I anticipate this problem only becoming more frequent in the future. 

Today on my way to work, while Gunder chattered in the backseat, I thought about what kind of world awaits my children.  Will they be able to grow up to be teachers and ranchers?  Will teachers be replaced by computers?  Will there be cattle to raise?  If there are cattle, will they be able to afford that lifestyle? Well, I came up with an answer.  Until the time comes when we really need to start worrying about those things, we will snuggle, tickle, and love our little babies to the extreme.  We will teach them how to bottle feed calves and how to drive the tractor.  We will use the same philosophy I use in my classroom, although we don’t know what the future holds, we will do our best to prepare our children for whatever comes their way.


Keep Warm & Count Your Blessings,

The Displaced City Girl  

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