First Birthdays


Well, little Gunder man is almost a year old.  Because my sister, Tracy, is due to have her baby at the beginning of March, we decided to have Gunder’s party a week early.  This way, Tracy doesn’t have to risk being two hours away from the hospital.  Also, my parents don’t like doing any unnecessary driving, so this way they can come for the birthday, then make a trip up to see their new grandson when he is born without having to worry about making the extra trip to our place.

We will have a house full tomorrow.  This really isn’t much of a surprise because our house isn’t all that big.  But, we are excited to have some family and friends over to help celebrate the little guy’s big day.   To add to our busy day tomorrow, we are also having Gunder’s first pictures taken.  We will try to do a family picture as well.  This will be our last professional photo as a three-man family!  In some ways July seems so far away, and in other ways I cannot believe we will have another baby in just six short months! 

To honor our little Gunder Leroy, here is a list of the things he is up to at one year old:

  1. He loves to play with his buddy Chet, the dog.
  2. He walks everywhere, even while holding objects like his parents’ cell phones.
  3. He has six very prominent teeth that he loves to show off. 
  4. At dinner time he likes to pretend to feed the dog just to get a rise out of his poor mother.  He then laughs and laughs like he really pulled a good one when he puts the food into his own mouth.
  5. He loves hide & seek.  It is a toss-up whether he prefers being the hider or the seeker. Either way he giggles and giggles!
  6. Music automatically brings out this guy’s dance moves.  His dad has what we like to call the “jell-o leg” but Gunder definitely has the “jell-o arm” moves.


Hopefully your weekend is as fun as ours will be!

The Displaced City Girl

2 thoughts on “First Birthdays

  1. I had missed the announcement that you are pregnant again – how super exciting!! Praying for you that the rest of your pregnancy is wonderful!! Have a wonderful birthday weekend and say hello to everyone for us!!

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