My Nephew

John will be gone this weekend.  He, his brother, and some buddies are going to Lake of the Woods for an ice fishing trip.  Although I get a little jealous that he is getting the chance to get away for a few days, I am very excited that I get to travel to Groton to see my new nephew! 

Gideon Phillip Rix entered the world yesterday evening.  He is a sweet little ham just like his cousin, Gunder. Gideon weighed more than nine pounds and is a healthy little guy.  Yesterday via email, I explained to my sister that she really should just plan on having the baby soon so that Gunder and I would have something to do over the weekend while John is away.  Well, it looks like after all of these years, my younger sister is still following my command!  Thanks, Trace!

It always amazes me how things just work themselves out.  Yes, in my petty, selfish way I was hoping I would get to see a new little baby right away.  But also, my sister had an uncomplicated delivery which is great.  In addition, she was at home instead of in Brookings for school when it all started.  God definitely has his eyes on all of us. 

It’s a shame today isn’t Friday, but I will try my best to be patient while I wait to see my adorable, chubby little nephew.  This whole thing makes me even more excited for July when we get to meet Baby Odde #2!


Wishing you all a great Thursday,

The Displaced City Girl

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