Just a South Dakota Spring Blizzard

March is definitely leaving us like a lion this year.  It’s currently 15 degrees with snow and 38mph winds.  Due to the blizzard warnings that were in effect since last night, school was canceled today.  For a teacher it is nice to have the day off, for a rancher this can be a horrible nightmare.  My husband is currently in the middle of calving, and bad weather makes life difficult, and sometimes impossible, for the little baby calves. I am thankful that he has help this year.  Grace and Mark, the interns from Kansas State University, are probably going to want to run back south after this storm is over.  The snow and wind is so bad today that John might end up being stuck at the ranch tonight.  Last night he spend the night out there just to be sure he wouldn’t be ten miles away when the weather became nasty.

The view earlier from our front door; it has gotten worse since this photo was taken

Because we are stuck in the house today, Gunder, Chester, and I have been lounging, playing, and baking.  There is never a dull moment when a toddler has free reign of the house.  We laugh a lot and make messes in every room.  I have learned to be quite a bit more relaxed with my Type A, OCD, spotless house syndrome.  Gunder even “helped” me bake two dozen chocolate chip cookies and three loaves of rhubarb bread for the bake sale on Saturday at the Pollock Community Center. His version of helping looks a lot like eating peanut butter chips while carrying around a plastic spoon.  Despite the lack of actual work he accomplished, I appreciated the company!

My snow day companion

I pray that nobody is traveling in this bad weather.  There is nothing like that fear of being caught on the road in a snow storm.  Also, although it is difficult to see the positive in a snow storm, I think we can all appreciate living in the Land of Infinite Variety.  Similar to living with a toddler, there is never a dull season in South Dakota.

God Bless,

The Displaced City Girl

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