Springtime Saturday

Well it is a beautiful, sunny day in northern SD. My husband’s brother and family are up at the ranch for the weekend.  So this morning, Gunder and I went out there to visit.

On my way I noticed a new, wet calf in the ditch trying to get back into the pasture to its mama. I stopped to help it back through the fence. The mother must have delivered it right next to the fence. So when the calf tried to stand up, it was in the ditch.


Gunder got to play with his cousins, see baby calves, and check cows with his dad this morning.  We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy the sunshine.  Poor Gunder was so tuckered out that he took an hour and a half long nap when we got home. It was the perfect amount of time for me to put the screens back up, plant my vegetable seeds, and plant some sunflower seeds (Vanilla Ice variety thanks to my pal Katie).

Gunder’s awake and we better head back outside. Thank you for reading!
Enjoy this great day,
The Displaced City Girl


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