Are You a “Good” Bull?

Today is semen testing day at the Odde ranch. This is an important day because we need to know if the bulls are going to be able to sire calves once we get everything out to pasture. For any of you men out there, be thankful your charming personality and strapping good looks are enough to get you a lady.


The morning started off early at our house because someone (I won’t name names) decided to wake up at 5:00. So, we ate breakfast, grabbed Chet, then went for an early morning walk. By 7, we were ready to sleep for a bit longer. After our morning snooze, I figured we better check out what’s going on at the ranch.

Dad, what's that?
Our little cattle sorter

Well, the real workers around this joint have a lot more work to do today. Hopefully the rain holds off for awhile.


From our ranch to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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