Living a/the Dream

As you all know, I’m married to a cattle man.  This means we don’t go on vacations or spend our weekends traveling very far from home. When John has spare time we do things around the house or spend time with great neighbors.  Luckily we happen to live right on beautiful Lake Oahe. Secondly, we have a boat. The boat is as old as we are, but it’s ours and it floats!

Today John wrangled Gunder so I could attend church in peace. I figured with Junior’s arrival just around the corner, today could be my last day at church for awhile.  When I got home, we packed a cooler, loaded the boat, and headed out to the water.



Gunder loved the boat! He pretended to drive, and he even went swimming.  Because we’re ranchers, we even managed to check some pairs. Gunder loves pointing out all the cows.


Hopefully you all are enjoying this hot summer day. This pregnant gal is very pleased that there haven’t been many days like this so far.



From our ranch to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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