Bringing Home Baby #2

Ander Arnold joined our family at 4:00AM, an extremely short twenty minutes after arriving at the hospital! Due to the quick labor we had a couple minor issues at the hospital, but after forty eight hours we were able to bring Ander home!


The adjustment of coming home was made much easier because my mom came up to help. We came home to a house cleaner than we left it and a happy older brother (who wouldn’t be happy after two days with Grandma? ). My parents left this morning, and tonight is our first night flying solo with two kids. I can hardly express how thankful I am for my husband.  He is always helpful and loving, but he’s really making life easier for me right now as we all learn a new routine.


Being a big brother is exhausting!

I had forgotten how absolutely precious newborn babies are. God has blessed us with two pretty dang great little boys. These next few weeks will go by quickly but I’m looking forward to my maternity leave and spending quality time with my family.

I wish you all a wonderful week, and if you’d remember us in your prayers this week we’d be grateful. 

Thanks for reading,
The Displaced City Girl

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