The Blessings of a Semi-Broken Husband

Bringing home Baby #2 was far easier than #1. It’s summer, I know what to expect, & my husband’s around to help due to a torn PCL in his left leg. Baby #1 came right at calving season when my husband was completely NOT broken. Therefore I spent a lot of time alone with the baby.

Now, for a cattle man, having anything broken, torn, or banged up is rarely (never?) a good thing. But let me share a few blessings this PCL injury has provided my family.
1. Morning coffee together
2. Dad & Gunder time in the pick-up
3. Bonding time with our new son
4. Help getting kids dressed & ready in the morning
5. Lots of book reading with Gunder
6. Time spent talking while he ices & rests his leg
The list could probably go on for awhile.  I wish my husband a full recovery, but he’s always telling me to stop being so negative.  So, here’s my silver lining.  Life’s a crazy adventure, and we have to make the most of all situations. 


From our ranch to yours,
The Displaced City Girl

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