Some Things Never Change…Thankfully

     My dad would tell you that when my sister and I were in high school we went out all of the time. He’d tell you we didn’t leave the house until 9, and that only God knows when we got in. However his memory is warped (old age?) My sister and I were actually still expected to be in bed by roughly 8:00 on school nights and more often than not we didn’t go out on the weekends. Instead we would camp out in the living room (she on the loveseat, I on the couch) with a stack of books on the coffee table between us.
     Because John is at meetings all weekend, I get to relive some of that tonight. The boys and I had a big day of helping at an auction, then we did some bidding later in the day. They both went to sleep fairly early, so I’m camped out with my book.
    I may not lead a glamorous life. It most definitely isn’t the most leisurely life, either. But boy am I glad I have a comfy couch, a fuzzy blanket, and my trusty book light.


Happy Reading!
The Displaced City Girl

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